Experimental microcut where artists from different fields have collaborated
in a work that seeks to show the different facets of love.
The same idea can generate hate, love, security, rejection, life and even death

Directed by Marcos Bodí.

Graphic by Vento Superbia.
Music by Kyddiekafka.
Make-up by Sara Rey.
Color by Jorge Dabaliña / Marcos Bodí.
Design clothes LAKAJADE.

Summer Festivals is one of the most powerful songs of Esquina Finlandia. This group was created in 2018 and has achieved an incredible amount of fans in a very short time.

This conglomerate of shots represents the randomness of summer, its crazy moments and the constant surprise.

Directed by David Hernández.
Lyrics  Esquina Finlandia.
Art direction by Ana Sarrión, Clara Sarrión & David Hernández.
Audio by RWStudios.
Recorded in Valencia.

Miller division wanted a completely different video to any advertising of a product. It gave us complete freedom to be creative and this came up. Have you ever really loved a person? Are you sure?

Directed by David Hernández.
Photography by David Caballero.
Skaters: Quique & Diego Font.
Soundtrack by Young Bombs – Less Lonely (Remix).
Recorded in Valencia.

We wanted to tell the story of a young man from the 80s, how life is evolving, from living in the streets to being a duke, going through his death returning to the beginning.

Directed by David Hernández.
Soundtrack by Young Juanito – S.J.C.M.C.
Recorded in Valencia.