The story of DHC Films began in 2016, when it was founded. The first years were based on learning from experienced cinematographers and working on hundreds of different types of projects around the world. Now, after much effort, dedication and incredible people involved, DHC Films has grown, it has the best equipment and the best facilities to develop creativity and fullfill the needs of the client.

From commercials to music videos, DHC Films covers all the needs of a proffessional video. It uses cinema cameras, combined with incredible aerial shots taken with our DJI Inspire 2. After recording, all the media is retouched by editors and colorists, mixing it with original created soundtracks, composing a perfect final product.

David Hernández

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

With a long audiovisual history and passionate about cinema from a very young age, he decided in 2016 to dedicate himself professionally in film production. Self-taught since 2008, he is faithful to his own style.

Director, cameraman, drone operator, editor and colorist.

“Work harder”


Chief Creative Officer

Man of few words and many images. With the certainty that the video and the photo are his passion since he first took a camera. Since then, he has not stopped training and getting involved in projects of all kinds such as advertising spots, music videos or concept videos.

“Light as the only brush”

Javier Hernández

Chief Marketing Officer

Always seeking for new challenges, he is now focused on developing inspiring marketing strategies for different companies, taking them to the next level. With his different stays around the world, he has discovered new trends that are later applied into the videos.

Creative, quick learner, traveler and adventurer.

“Inspire the people”


Productor & Creative

Movie lover and passionate about the audiovisual world since his childhood.
Proud to be able to provide a more technical and theoretical approach, thanks to his university knowdelge while developing new revolutionary editing and photography techniques.
Currently focused on reaching its full potencial as a cameraman and audiovisual producer.

Ambicius, restless and enterprising.

“Memento vivere, memento morí”